Cousin Visit

Well I promised my cousins Brian and Suzanne that I would update my website. Hopefully with some pictures. They were here to visit a few weeks ago and I'm now getting around to a post at least. I had a great tiem while they were here. We went to two waterfalls and a Luau. Otherwise kinda hnung out and relaxed. They bought me the poker chips that I've been wanting so that was really cool. I'm really bad at details, but at least its a new post. Sam

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Life Updates

Well now that I've managed to lose any readers I had, I'm writing another post. It has been a little over two months and I just wanted to say what I've been up to. For the month of December I was on the mainland. I left the 2nd and went to CT to work in our other office for two weeks. From their I went to Chicago to see my friends and family. I had a great time while I was there. I went to a few parties. Thank you Jen and Eric. One I got more than a little drunk thank you Eric, sorry Jim. And the other was cool because she planned it for ME. I also got everything I wanted at Christmas. In my list of gifts includes an underwater housing for my camera, a dvd-rw, a cool binary clock, some gift cards to Walmart because that's all we've got here, a few movies, a book, a calendar and jelly beans, and my apologies to whoever got me what I've forgotten to list.

When I got back to my condo, the friends that were staying here had left me money which was a nice surprise. And then all my belongings exploded, and my place has been a mess ever since i got back, which I can't say I enjoy. Oh, and New Years was alright. I spent the time with Cameron and Alan and their babies. I personally was ready to hit the sack at 8:00, but they helped keep me up by playing Taboo. Also in recent history I bought a road bike to use for triathalon training, and a gym membership. I'm thinking about refinancing because the value of my condo is up 50k, yay. Other than that life's good, I've been diving a few times, and I met some cool people on my flight back to Hawaii and they took me to dinner. Anyway, I'm sure there's more but this post is long enough. Have a good day.

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(Home)buyer beware

Who wants to hear how to get hosed by the mortgage company and the Property Tax division at the same time...Buy a house in January. Let's see if I can state this clearly. I bought my house January 7th 2003. The Property tax year is July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004 and expemtions for that tax year have to be done by December 31, 2002. I could not put in my Homeowner/occupant in December because I didn't own it yet. That exemption lets me be taxed at $5.55 per $1000, and gives me a $40,000 exemption. But instead for that tax year I get taxed at $9.85 per $1000 with no exemption. So my mortgage company has been paying the high taxes even though when I set up the loan and impound account they assumed my taxes would be $556 instead of $1940. My impound account is now overdrawn which I have to pay back, fair enough. But now they think my taxes are always going to be that high and are billing me based on the 1940 instead of the 556 which is what my taxes are going to change to mid year. That's about the best I can explain it.

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More Egg Stories

I made poached eggs today. The kind where you boil the water and then turn it down to simmer and slip an egg in. It was alright. Probably won't do it again anytime soon.

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Holding My Breath

Since I moved to Hawaii and started doing water related activities, I have found a need to be able to hold my breath for a long time. Last night while I was reading The Adventures of Cavelier and Clay it talked about holding your breath for a long time to do escape artist tricks underwater, Harry Houdini style. That made me realize that I can hold my breath a lot longer now, so I timed it. When I first moved here I could do about 35s-50s. Last night however I hit the TWO MINUTE mark. I was proud of myself, so I thought I'd share.

**UPDATE** I tried again the other night and got to Two minutes and 15 seconds.

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Conservation of Eggs

Sunday I woke up and sat on my couch as usual. But then I got this weird feeling that I wanted to make Creme Brulee. . .or at least try. Creme Brulee only uses egg yokes, and I didn't waste eggs, and I knew that meringue cookies only use egg whites. So I called my mom and got that recipe. Then I went to the store about 3 times to get stuff I didn't have. Well I made the two recipes and one turned out and the other didn't. The one I was gunning for, Creme Brulee, was essentailly a culinary disaster. I eitehr didn't beat it long enough or didn't cook it long enough, but it never made a custard. So when I put the sugar on top to fire it, the sugar just sank. Oh well, chaulk that one up to experience. But the silver linig as my friend Ryan pointed out is that I made the killer meringue cookies becasue of it. Here is the recipe.

Beat the eggs, salt and vinegar with an electric mixer on high until the mixture gets stiff. Meaning the peaks are just still falling over. Add the sugar a bit at a time and mix that in. Also add the food coloring and mint extract at this step. Fold in the cholocalate chips. Drop with spoon onto parchment or brown paper bag (on a cookie sheet) and cook in oven at 250 degrees F for 50 minutes. Turn off the over and leave the cookies in the oven for an hour. Then take them out and let them finish cooling. Yield ~2 dozen cookies

The tricky part here is the cooking. Meringue is supposed to be light and fluffy the whole way through. But I think the cocolate chips make the inside a bit gummy. WHICH I must say I like, and so did everyone that tried them. But for the record the cooking temp and time can be experimented with. I've see bake at 275 for 1.5 hours and let sit for an hour also. So thats how you conserve eggs, make two dishes one that uses egg yolks and the other that uses egg whites.

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Hawaiian Monk Seal

WHOA. This was an exciting adventure. My friend called me up yesterday because there was a Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kealekekua Bsy and they were relocating him later that day. (He had bitten somebody) So we got a kayak and paddled across the bay to go play before they took him away. After a 20 minute paddle we weren't dissapointed. We beached the boat and hit the water. Looking for the seal. We had a disposable camera and we were ready to go. He found us in about 5 minutes and we played with him for about 30 minutes. Then he bared his teeth and we were outa there. The seal has been getting more and more aggressive because it's mating season. He was actaully trying to hump us. It was awazing though being that close to a wild animal that big(250lbs). And I'd have to say more exhilarating than skydiving. Once my shoot opened while skydiving i felt fine. But with the seal. . .He could drag us under easily. And all we had were mask, fins, and a snorkel. I will see the pictures later today, these may get online sooner than later. As a side note, they did capture him later that day, and transported him to his birth site of South Point.

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Ironman Volunteer

The Ironman Triathalon was Sat. Oct 18th. Sad to say I was not an athlete in it. This was the 25th anniversary too. There were about 1700 athletes, and 4500 volunteers. My day started at 6:00 AM I went down to my friends smoothie shop to help him out. Oddly though he wasn't pakced as I thought he would be. Everyone was across the street waiting for the race to start. Later in the day after I left he got slammed though. But after taht I went to my volunteer station and had to fight with spectators to get out of my driveway. But i finally got there, and had a good time. I handed out water bottles and generally helped out for the day. From about 9:00 to 6:00. Then I came home showered and went to the bar. Which happens to be my regular hangout AND overlooking the finish line. I was asleep by 9:30. It was a long day.

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Well I've been shy lately. Shy of my website. I had visitors in town for my birthday which happened on Oct. 9th I'm now 24. Bob my roomate from college and his wife Jen came to vsiit me and the Hawaiian Islands. I had a fantastic time. It was great to see them and Bob and I got some old school Duke Nukemin. We also went down to Kilauea Lodge for a brithday dinner, and they pay attention to detail. They put my name on the menu for a special occasion. And then we trekked out to see the lava at night (a first for me). We also had the opportunity to snorkel and dive all week. I got to use my camera underwater with a friend's housing. Which was really cool, because i took pictures on Bob and Jen on their dive. We also went to a luau. Soeventually I will get a bunch of pictures up but if you've followed my site at all, you know that pictures are placed sporadically.

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Happy Birthday Dad


It's my dad's birthday, but I won't say how old. But as the only birthday present I can get to him on time, I'm posting some pitures of his last visit here. He has been asking me to put them up and I just found them yesterday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

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